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Mi., 14. Juni


Webinar & Q&A with Mag. Severina Ditzov

Sole Proprietorship (EPU) vs. Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in Austria: A Comparison and When to Consider Switching

Gain a clearer understanding of the advantages and considerations associated with both EPU and GmbH structures!

Sole Proprietorship (EPU) vs. Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in Austria: A Comparison and When to Consider Switching

Time & Location

14. Juni, 15:00 – 16:30

Webinar & Q&A with Mag. Severina Ditzov


About the event


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About the event

Are you an entrepreneur in Austria contemplating the most suitable legal structure for your business? Do you want to understand the differences between a Sole Proprietorship (EPU) and a Limited Liability Company (GmbH) and gain clarity on when it might be advantageous to transition from one to the other?

In this event, we will explore the distinctive characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of each business structure. Our expert speakers will provide valuable insights into the legal, and operational implications of choosing between an EPU and a GmbH.

Throughout the session, we will cover essential topics such as liability, tax considerations, financial reporting requirements, decision-making authority, and the ability to raise capital. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your business's legal structure.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a dynamic Q&A session, enabling them to seek clarifications and gain personalized insights based on their unique situations.

Who is this event for?

Whether you are a startup founder, small business owner, or self-employed professional, this event will provide valuable insights and guidance to help you evaluate and make informed decisions about your business's legal structure.

About the Speaker

Mag. Severina Ditzov is an experienced business consultant who's been cooperating with Self-employed in Austria since 2020 and specialises in topics such as :

  • Business license registration and recognition of education/qualification for executing the business activity
  • Choosing a legal form for your business and registering it
  • Preparation of shareholder/partnership agreement
  • Registration of sole proprietor with the Company Register
  • Company transformation
  • Choosing a health and pension insurance model with the public insurance company
  • Preparing of Terms and Conditions; Privacy Policy
  • Structural changes due to relocation, and reorganization of the team:
  • Adjusting work contracts, Work Policies, Guidelines


All events of Self-employed in Austria are in English!


1h - 1.5h


The speaker will attempt to answer all questions asked by you with the use of your microphone or in the Zoom Chat during the presentation - the questions will be answered right away, or at the end during the general Q&A part - the speakers will decide about this.

To be able to ask your question or share during the webinar (using your microphone) please request "unmuting" in the chat or by "raising your hand" in Zoom Reactions and the moderator will do so at the appropriate time.

In such cases please keep questions as short and clear as possible so the speaker can complete the presentation within the planned time frame.

If for any reason your question wasn't answered during the webinar, we will get back to you within 3 days in the Forum. In some cases, more information might be required from you to give you a quality answer.

Webinar Recording and Privacy

The webinar audio and video will be recorded and used by SEA, but we will only use the presentation so we'd like to encourage you to ask your questions directly during the event and to keep your camera on, to keep our friendly and authentic atmosphere. The speakers prefer it and we would all really love to see you and hear you!

We're happy to see you soon!

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