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Our Mision

This platform is dedicated to empowering English-speaking individuals who aspire to become self-employed in Austria. We want to provide comprehensive resources, a supportive community, and peace of mind when it comes to legal and tax-related matters.


The founder's personal experience of navigating the confusing and overwhelming process of starting a business in a foreign country inspired her to create this business. We understand the anxiety and fear that our clients may experience, and we want to eliminate these barriers for them.


"Simplifying Self-Employment in Austria & Empowering You To Thrive as a Self-Employed Individual" 

Our product is peace of mind - we want that you feel confident and secure in your entrepreneurial journey, knowing that you have a reliable source of support and guidance.

Our aim is to give those interested in self-employment the possibility of an easier start and access to information written in an understandable way. 

We want to simplify the process of becoming self-employed in Austria and make it as stress-free as possible.

We believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences, we can empower each other to achieve our entrepreneurial goals.

Read our articles, learn about our guidebooks, and join our forum to grow and succeed as a self-employed individual in Austria. 

We are here to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams.

For all inquiries about partnerships, affiliate programs, or in case of any questions related to self-employment please contact us at: or use the contact form:


A little bit of history...

Self-employed in Austria was first a Facebook Group created in December 2019 that now amounts to over 7000 members.

In May 2020, a company was officially formed (SEA - Services for self-employed), as well as partnerships with professional legal and tax consultants.

With a strong team, we were able to write guidebooks on self-employment that were first published in October 2020. Today we offer two different guidebooks that are up to date with the laws and regulations of 2023.

In July 2022, we rebuilt our platform and implemented an internal forum with more support from professional consultants and tax advisors and a secure, stable place for our community.

On this new platform, we release new articles, resources and ideas every week.



Self-employment in Austria
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