The purpose of this platform is not only to deliver instructions on setting up a business and updates on laws and regulations but also to give you access to the community of self-employed people in Austria where you can get to know others in a similar stage like you, learn from their experiences or get support from professional consultants.

Self-employed in Austria

One of the drawbacks of self-employment is working and feeling alone, so the FORUM was designed to provide a medium for support, networking, exchanging jobs, self-promotion and learning.

By becoming a member you get support from professional consultants and you get to know other freelancers and learn from their experiences. You can also exchange job offers and get access to resources, events, workshops, and webinars that help elevate your career and knowledge. You can ask questions, talk about your fears and experiences, organise coworking and create a solid network.


Every month we try to organise

  • events educating on self-employment in Austria

  • networking events, online and in person, for our members

  • events educating on business growth/marketing

  • and more!

All events are in English and free of charge for SEA Members.

Browse the current events HERE.

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Through STORIES you learn more about the journey of other self-employed members of our community.

We ask questions - you learn.