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Our Services

Self-employed in Austria, together with partners and collaborators deliver the most needed services for those interested in self-employment in Austria. Everything we do is tailored to deliver best advice, information, moral and legal /tax support. 

Our Partners, business and tax consultants who specialise in self-employment offer online and face-to-face consultations in English, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian.. 

We regularly upload new articles and instructions on self-employment in Austria. We also keep you informed about the changes in laws and rates. 

Our partners offer a starter package for those who need help with the process of their business registration—correct registration at the tax office, social security institution and more.

In our Forum, you can connect with professional consultants and other self-employed individuals. You can get answers to your questions and learn from the experiences of others.

Our guidebooks are must-have compendiums for those who want to start or grow their careers as self-employed individuals in Austria. Available as ebooks and paperbacks.

There are many benefits of keeping your private address private and having a separate location outside your home for all your business correspondence. Check the offer of our partners!

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