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Mi., 22. Mai


Online session with an expert

How to price my services? Pricing for the self-employed explained

Discover how to set prices that work for your business! Learn to maximize earnings & thrive as a self-employed professional.

How to price my services? Pricing for the self-employed explained
How to price my services? Pricing for the self-employed explained

Time & Location

22. Mai 2024, 17:00 – 19:00 MESZ

Online session with an expert

About the event




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All events of Self-employed in Austria are in English!

About the Speaker

Mag. Miglena Hofer is an experienced business consultant who's been cooperating with Self-employed in Austria since 2020 and helps with topics such as :

  • Eliminating Austrian red tape for business registration and running your operation.
  • Creating bullet-proof terms and conditions, so you and your business are protected
  • Making hiring third-country nationals possible
  • Resolving conflicts and disputes with contractors and partners.
  • Optimizing your organization to increase profit.
  • Getting you from an idea to a sustainable business
  • Supporting you on your business journey


The speaker will attempt to answer all questions asked by you with the use of your microphone or in the Zoom Chat during the presentation - the questions will be answered right away, or at the end during the general Q&A part - the speakers will decide about this.

To ask your question or share during the webinar (using your microphone) please use the "raise hand" function in Zoom and the moderator will unmute you at the appropriate time.

In such cases please keep questions as short and clear as possible so the speakers can complete the presentation within the planned time frame.

If you're a SEA Member, and for any reason, your question wasn't answered during the webinar, we will get back to you within 3 days in the Forum or via email. In some cases, more information might be required from you to give you a quality answer.

Webinar Recording and Privacy

The webinar audio and video will be recorded and used by SEA, but we will not use the picture or audio of the attendees in the recording, we will only use the presentation so we'd like to encourage you to ask your questions during the event and to keep your camera on. It helps to keep our friendly and authentic atmosphere. The speakers prefer it and we would all really love to see you and hear you!

We're happy to see you soon!

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