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Mi., 30. Nov.


Online Event

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs - Webinar & Discussion with Coach Dilek Süzal

A real motivational and organisational booster for everyone running their own business or developing a business concept. Coach Dilek Süzal will discuss techniques of effective time management to succeed in business, preserving and boosting motivation, and more!

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Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs - Webinar & Discussion with Coach Dilek Süzal
Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs - Webinar & Discussion with Coach Dilek Süzal

Time & Location

30. Nov. 2022, 18:00

Online Event

About the event


Everyone can access this event free of charge. There is, however,  a limited amount of spots.

Who is this event for?

Everyone who's self-employed or currently developing a business idea, and who would like to be able to manage time, energy and motivation better. 

Main points of the event:

  • effective time management
  • preserving and boosting motivation
  • improving focus and becoming more structured
  • using time effectively to succeed in business

About the Speaker

Dilek is a coach specialising in Self-Mastery for Business & Career. Her coaching services are globally recognized by International Coach Federation – PCC, WIFI Diploma Business Coach, ISO/IEC 17024 Certified Coach and Professional Women’s Network Vienna Mentor located in Vienna, Austria. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation Austria Chamber, and is also a happy mother of two! 

Dilek holds a master’s degree in architecture, is Austrian with Turkish roots with Turkish as her native language and speaks fluent English and German along with basic Italian.

SEA previously organised an event with Dilek Süzal and due to very positive feedback from our community, we decided to cooperate again!

If you'd like to learn more about Dilek Süzal and her expertise, visit her Linkedin page.

Intro from the speaker Dilek Süzal:

"We all want to make the most of our time and existence on this planet earth, right?

I truly do.

When my kids were smaller 4-5 years ago, I was overwhelmed by my to-do list,

personal tasks and tight deadlines almost every day, I was continuously distracted

and tired all the time. Time was my enemy, the lack of it was pouring negative

emotions on me, holding me back from taking any kind of purposeful action.

When I became self-employed and needed to take full responsibility for my

actions “time management” topic has become even more important. Waking up to a

day where only I could get things done, definitely needed a better time-awareness

and preparation to prevent burnout.

That was when I decided to learn more about how to manage myself better around

the concept of time, so that we could be friends again.

So that, I could have a clean headspace

So that, I could be more structured to take action

So that, I could get motivated around my tasks and KEEP that motivation

So that, I could succeed in my business rather than feeling “busy” all the time

It started to work out for me and for my coaching clients. That is why I

am volunteering to share what I know with you.

At this exclusive webinar on November 30, from 18:00 to  19:30, I will be sharing a short

theory of time management and time awareness as well as practical tools. With

these tips for productivity and tools for seeing the big picture – of course with

consistent action - you will have a higher level of inner harmony, and clarity and take

ownership of your time.  

If you would like to learn about some proven methods to become better at managing

yourself and boosting your productivity and success come join us. If you integrate

these methods into your life in a sustainable way, you will definitely see the benefits

for yourself and your business."

Schedule for the event with up to 50 members

18:00 - 19:30  - interactive presentation & discussion

Schedule for the event with more than  50 members

18:00 - 18:45/19:00  - interactive presentation 

18:45/19:00 - 19:30 - discussion/ Q&A


1h - 1.5h


All events of Self-employed in Austria are in English!


If you have questions in advance and you'd like to have your answer guaranteed, feel invited to send them to us until November 30, 1 pm CET to

The speaker will also attempt to answer all questions asked by you with the use of your microphone or in the Zoom Chat during the presentation - the questions will be answered right away, or at the end during the general Q&A part - the speaker will decide about this. During the event, the speaker will ask a few attendees to share their experiences. 

To be able to ask your question or share during the webinar (using your microphone) please request "unmuting" in the chat or by "raising your hand" in Zoom Reactions and the moderator will do so at the appropriate time.

In such cases please keep questions as short and clear as possible so the speaker can complete the presentation within the planned time frame.

If for any reason your question wasn't answered during the webinar, we will get back to you within 3 days after the webinar via email, or in the Forum. In some cases, more information might be required from you to give you a quality answer.

Webinar Recording and Privacy

The webinar audio and video will be recorded and used by SEA and Dilek Süzal - if you're not comfortable with that feel invited to change your name, and keep your audio and video off during the webinar.

Otherwise, we encourage everyone to keep their camera on, to keep our friendly and authentic atmosphere.

The speakers really prefer it and we would all really love to see you and hear you!

We're happy to see you soon!

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