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Can I call myself a coach in Austria?

In this article:

  • Defining Coaching, Training, and Consulting

  • Legal Framework in Austria

  • Nature of Coaching Services

  • Client Base and Industry Specificity

  • Available Business Licenses

One of the trendiest occupations or a calling is being a coach. So, it is no wonder that I

get asked the “Can I call myself a coach in Austria?” question A LOT.

As some of you know, I explicitly work with foreigners who have found themselves at home

in Austria. That means that most, if not all, of their qualifications have been obtained in

another country. It comes as a big surprise to my clients that even though they’ve worked

hard to obtain these, they might not fit the Austrian legal framework and thus, allow them to

be self-employed in that particular field.

The most common area I come across is the one of coaching. Two factors make

the answer to the question complicated and not an easy one to muster. So, I thought I’d take

the time to explain these factors and hopefully, give you a better idea about this topic and

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