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Meet Marilyn Wilkinson, the “Full Stack Copywriter” who thrives through challenges

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Marilyn Wilkinson is a self-employed digital marketer and a member of our community!

Originally from England, she moved to Austria in 2013, and before becoming self-employed she’d gained a lot of valuable experience from living and working in different countries like Germany, Slovakia, and France, with giants such as IBM, or Nespresso.

One day, at the beginning of 2020, feeling like she could make use of all the experience and knowledge gained in the previous years she decided to leave her full-time job and build something on her own - a company called “Full Stack Copywriter“. A full-stack it is indeed: the business is oriented toward working for clients such as B2B, IT, and SaaS companies, and what Marilyn specializes in is driving more traffic, leads, and revenue with advanced digital marketing strategies and through improving website content; SEO, Google Ads, and social media content.

Knowing Marilyn from an online meeting we organized before putting this article together and from the content she posts in the community of Self-employed people in Austria, one could tell that she gives a feel of a friendly but also a very well-organized professional.

Luckily she shared her secret to keeping it together: a business plan.

“Focusing on writing your business plan just at the start of your career will help you narrow your goals, audience, and customer acquisition. Having a plan B, C, and D, in case the first one hasn’t worked out can be very helpful. It’s difficult to fail at anything if you put enough effort into good preparation and it’s also easier to build your marketing strategy once you know your audience and business goals.”

Asked what is one of the universal advice for building a good marketing strategy, Marilyn emphasized that knowing your audience, and knowing for whom to create all the social media posts is crucial and surely brings more benefits than blindly posting for an undefined user.

She strongly believes that it’s much easier to get positive effects in digital marketing by creating buyer personas.

When it comes to self-employment Marilyn thinks that becoming one was a good decision and the feeling of freedom and fulfilment is very rewarding.

The outbreak of covid-19 luckily didn’t negatively affect the business: Marilyn enjoys working from home anyway, and since many businesses in Austria had to focus on digitalization and investing in their online presence this was a ground on which the company could flourish - the “Full Stack Copywriter“ can provide a refreshing and user-friendly remake of an outdated website.

Marilyn admitted that self-employment has its unpredictable side too, however, she copes with it by staying physically active and keeping a positive mindset.

To learn more about Marilyn and all the services she provides visit her website.


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