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Funding for further education

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Since the 1st of April 2021, due to the impact of the pandemic on one-person companies, the WAFF has been promoting courses in the areas of entrepreneurial qualification, digital qualification and languages. Those who fulfil all requirements will receive 80% of funding for chosen courses up to a maximum of € 2.000,-.

What exactly is funded?

Training and further education aimed at:

  • improvement of commercial and business skills, for example, courses in the areas of accounting, controlling, office organization or time management

  • acquirement and improvement of digital skills, for example, courses in the areas of social media, Photoshop, ECDL or e-billing

  • improvement of language skills: these are language courses such as English and German, business English or business German.

The requirements:

  • valid business licence

  • business licence or main residence registered in Vienna

  • compulsory insurance at the SVS (GSVG)

  • no employees

Required documents:

  • completed and signed application form

  • current GISA Business Information System excerpt

  • current proof of compulsory insurance according to the GSVG

  • registration confirmation of the main residence in Vienna (Meldezettel) if the location of the trade license is not in Vienna

  • cost estimate or confirmation of participation and payment if the course has already been completed

This is how you get the funding:

  • The application must be submitted before the start of the course no later than 4 weeks after the start of the course.

  • You can either submit multiple applications for funding up to a maximum of € 2.000,- or a single application.

  • The funding is available from 01.04.21. to 31.12.22.

Send your signed application to or to the postal address: 1020 Vienna, Nordbahnstraße 36

More info:

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